Diamond Voice Singing Sangha
8 Week Transformational Intensive

Residential Meditation Retreat
Song, Silence and Soul Sanctuary
Solstice Retreats

A Taste of the Dimensions of
Voice & Self-Expression - Daylong


Diamond Voice Singing Sangha

What Diamond Voice offers is a pathway to our authentic voice, our true sound and resonance. This gives rise to tremendous insight and creativity. By shining the light of awareness and attuning ourselves with our essential nature, we generate a dynamic, meditative energyfield. Through song, silence, writing, inquiry and personal coaching along with an array of integrative awareness practices, our true nature and voice comes alive - fully embodied - allowing our inner brilliancy and preciousness to melt and dissolve the bonds of fear, judgement and self-consciousness.

This is a multi-faceted excursion through all the dimensions of voice & self expression as well as a powerful vehicle for developing consciousness, compassion and creativity. Previous background in meditation is necessary. Due to the depth and experiential nature of this transformational intensive, first time students need to submit an application for acceptance. Request an application at: isness@templeofsong.com

We use traditional chants and mantras as well as create new songs from our own experiences on the path and the Truth of our Heart's devotion. Both forms allow us to embody and strengthen our connection with the divine in our every day lives. This is an opportunity to venture deep into the very heart of the Buddhafield, soul-singing, song-making, ritual invocations and mystical practices and receive individual coaching and group support. Singing Sangha Intensives are a closed, on-going 8 week series that takes place in the spring & fall.

Space is limited. Please register early to ensure your place.
This small group provides many of the special benefits of private sessions as well as what can only be had with a shared group experience.

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Song, Silence and Soul Sanctuary
Solstice Retreats

These are seasonal Meditation Retreats taking place on the Solstices. The Song Silence and Soul Sanctuary is an elegant journey and grace-filled meeting with the depth and beauty of your own soul. Through the meditation and song cycles we create a rich field of "Yes" to all that we are. This allows us to open naturally to the flow of love that so nourishes us. In these retreats you will also experience Essential Soul Constellations - a new modality of Constellation work that Maniko has been developing since 2001. Essential Soul Constellation is a vehicle to awaken, embrace and fully step into the truth of your inner wholeness.

Soul Sanctuaries are held in silence except during group processes, singing, inquiry and song making. We work in a meditation cycle of silence and stillness, free movement and dance, along with voice movement meditations, chanting, toning, song making, writing and ritual invocations. The meeting of silence, movement and song is profoundly healing and transformative. It cleanses, clears and renews, inspiring us from the inside out - giving us the strength, creativity and aliveness that flourishes with belonging to and connection with your essential nature.
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Calendar & Registration

Cancellation Policy for all Workshop or Retreats: 50% of Tuition is refundable if cancellation notice is given 3 weeks in advance of workshop/retreat start date. No refunds can be issued less than 14 days from the start of a workshop. Cancellation notice must be given at least 48 hours from start of Workshop to recieve forward credit. With at least 48 hours advance notice, any fees paid (minus $100) can be applied to a future program.

Maniko Dru Dadigan
Voice & Self-Expression
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“Allowing Your Gifts, Intelligence and Creativity to Shine”

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