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is a musical insight into the wisdom and wonder of standing innocent and naked in the truth of one's being. It is sung with all the passion and humility of a seeker who has drowned herself in the utter beauty and poetry of the divine. The messages we hear in the stark beauty of Standing Naked are how it is that in love one is connected to the beyond; the deepest regions of the unknown, and in this love, one is connected to magnificence.

First released in 1992, Standing Naked continues to be one of the closest companions of lovers and seekers around the world. Moved by the splendor and lyrical richness of Maniko's voice, they have danced their own divine dance. Carried on the waves of devotion that flow out from her heart, they have entered the sacred territories of prayer.


1. Standing Naked (4:08)
2. Sammasati (7:22)
3. Trouble from the Start (3:35)
4. Promise of Truth (5.40)
5. Soft Rain (3:37)
6. River of Fire (5:21)
7. Your Blessings (4:25)
8. Another Morning (7:03)
9. Never Ask Why (3:12)
10. Beyond and Beyond (0:55)
11. The Way of the Heart (3:53)

Bonus Tracks
Nothing Else Will Do (6:31)
Puram (5:02)
Ko Hsuan (5:07)
Magnificence (4:18)

Produced by Maniko and Isness Records
Recorded at Akashic Recording Studio, Boulder Colorado


Maniko: Guitar, Vocals all songs
Prasanna: Flutes and/or Sax
Billy Rich: Bass
Chuck Lamb: Piano
David Darling: Cello, Voice
Ty Burhoe: Percussion
John Bolivar: Piccolo on Ko Husan, Flute on Puram
Mitchell Long: Guitar, Percussion and Cavaquinho on Ko Hsuan
Evan Hodkins: Vocals on Magnificence
Margo Krimmel: Harp on Magnificence
Back Vocals on Ko Husan: Julie Hoest, Bill Muer, Ashik Lynch, Chris Liaguno

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