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Whole Person Integration
Your voice is your sound. Your sound reflects who you are
and how you touch others.

"Maniko took me to places inside myself which had been hidden. She lovingly created the space for me to face some uncomfortable terrain, and through her enthusiasm, clarity, skill and love, I was able to move deeper, bringing more light and aliveness into my voice, my body and my Being. And her singing is divine. Thank you, Maniko!"
- Deva Premal, Singer and Recording Artist

Join us for this upcoming excursion
Spring Singing Sangha
Diamond Voice Intensive
Mar 18-May 6
Sunday Afternoons, 2:00-5:00

A Singing Sangha with Maniko
Early Registration by Feb 19

15th Annual Summer Solstice Retreat
Song, Silence & Soul Sanctuary
A special 9-Day Women's residential meditation & creativity retreat
June 16-24, Nevada City, California
Held in Silence except during singing and group processes.
Early Registration by May 16

"Creativity grows in a garden of love, compassion grows in a garden of love, meditation grows in a garden of love. It is only through a tremendous creativity, sensitivity and awareness that one comes home." Osho
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House of the Beloved
Ecstatic Grooves & Songs of Divine Conspiracy
Standing Naked
Intimate Songs of Devotion
Maniko's Travel Journal

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