Mystic Flower 7-Day
Meditation Intensive

5:00-8:30 pm, Nevada City, CA
July 12-18, 2019

Movement, Laughter, Tears, Silence & Song
Join us for this deep immersion into healing and transformation facilitated by Maniko & Garima. This powerful yet simple process is adapted from the Mystic Rose 21-day meditation process originally developed by Osho in 1988. We have condensed the process to make it available to everyone, while still being able to attend to your daily life. The process consists of:

10 mins Shaking to loosen the body & empty the mind followed by 40 mins of laughter
40 mins of tears
5 mins of toning
30-40 mins of silence & witnessing
20 mins of Song

Each phase will be supported by music
Please bring a water bottle, yoga mat or other floor padding, pillow, blanket & hand towel for your comfort and to create your own "shrine" for your journey.
It is highly recommended that after each session you abstain from external activities and let yourself fall into sleep as part of the integration process.

We are 3.5 miles from Nevada City and 4 miles from the beautiful Yuba River. Make a special day vacation of it. Over night camping (tent platforms) accommodation with all amenities is available with advance booking. $30 per night per person.

To reserve your space register now
email, or call 530-615-0021
Tuition Payable to Maniko
PO Box 602 Nevada City, CA 95959

The power of meditating together enhances awarenss exponentially. Consciousness creates consciousness. In the busy-ness and congestion of our modern world it is so easy to forget the richness and magnificence of our inner truth and source of one's being.


Maniko Dru Dadigan
Voice & Self-Expression
Whole Person Integration

"Allowing Your Gifts, Intelligence and Creativity to Shine."
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