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16th Annual Song, Silence & Soul Sanctuary
With Maniko
A Special 9-Day Women's Residential Solstice Retreat
June 15-23, 2018 Nevada City, California
Held in Silence except during singing and group processes.

Deepen Your Meditation ~ Renew & Revitalize ~
Relax into Your Creative Flow ~ Bask in the Richness of the Natural World ~ Create Songs & Poetry that Light Your Path ~ Experience Your Essential Constellation ~ Empower the Truth of Your Heart ~ Come Home to Yourself

Aes Dhammo Sanantano

"Existence only echoes us from all directions, from all dimensions. When we sing a beautiful song, the song comes back to us a thousand fold more beautiful...” Osho

In this elegant retreat, we move in cycles of meditation and mystic practices that cleanse, heal, awaken and integrate all facets of our nature, opening the way for creativity and self-expression to flourish.

Together, we create an energy field of awareness, an instrument of love that is shining with vital attunement. And through this, we enter into the very source of Being – clearing the way for essential insights to crystallize – illuminating what we are called to live, to give (or give up) to fulfill and embody the call of the soul. This is the heart of Voice & Self-Expression.

Through silent meditation we release our grip on identifying with thoughts that toss us constantly from the past to the future, allowing the mind to rest and settle in the present moment, so that we can fully experience the simple beauty of life as it is, one breath at a time.

Through movement meditation we release the accumulated tensions and stresses of 'doing' and pushing ourselves, thereby renewing and energizing the entire body/mind/personality system. This allows our essential nature to circulate and harmonizes the whole psyche – body-mind-heart-soul-spirit – freeing us to be fully alive in every dimension of being.

By opening and
offering our voice in song, in poetry, in writing and in inquiry we make ourselves an instrument, dynamically attuned with the pure essence of being; 'my will' and 'Thy Will' join in glorious orchestration. This is the Way of the Heart – where magic happens.

Through Essential Constellations, we become vehicles of compassion and awareness, the real blood and bones of embodied love, creating tremendous intimacy, insight, healing and freedom, allowing us to be truly at home with ourselves, others, and the world.

Through silence and songs of remembrance and devotion, through mantras that empower deathless states of being, through the full resonance of your sound, there is only one place you can arrive: Home. Transformation happens on its own.

Early Registration by May 15, $1,150 - $1,285 thereafter
Mail tuition with all contact info to: Maniko, PO Box 602, Nevada City, CA 95959
For info call (530) 615-0021 or email temple of song
Some payment plans are available. Call for details

Food cost is additional (at cost only, due upon arrival). Plan on $285 for healthy, nutritious, organic, whole food.

To register by mail: email temple of song and Send payment to Maniko, PO Box 602, Nevada City, CA 95959. Please include your name, address, phone number. Please note: Due to the depth and experiential nature of this retreat, first time students need to submit an application for acceptance. Request an application

pay by credit card

To register using Paypal or Credit Cards:
Include an additional $30 processing fee.
Please fill in the Event Name and enter the amount manually, then update.
After finishing the Paypal payment prompts, please choose
"return to merchant" to complete your registration.

Tuition includes dormitory or private camping accommodation.
Each camper has their own platform deck to set up private space.
Bring your own camping gear, bedding, towels, and body care.
limited private rooms are available for an additional $400 for the entire retreat.
Please arrive no later than 2:00 on June 15 to set-up your tent and get settled. First session begins at 4:00 on June 15. Thereafter, daily 8:30-12:30, long midday break, 3:30-6:30 or so, with several evening sessions, still allowing plenty of time throughout the retreat for swimming, rest, walks and free space for creativity or contemplation.
Previous meditation experience is necessary. Request an application

Cancellation Policy: for all Workshop or Retreats: 50% of Tuition is refundable if cancellation notice is given 3 weeks in advance of workshop/retreat start date. No refunds can be issued less than 14 days from the start of a workshop. Any fees paid (minus $50) can be applied to a future program.

Tara Solstice Retreat Collage

Are Private Sessions Right for You?
Sessions with Maniko
The latin origins of the word, 'Person' are two syllables, meaning "through sound". Per:  ‘through, by means of’ Son: from Latin sonus ‘a sound.’ Your voice is your sound. Your sound reflects who you are and how you touch others. 

In their words...

"Maniko - It's hard to express in words the depth of my appreciation and gratitude for this weekends Soul Sanctuary.  It was quite simply the best retreat I've ever attended in my many years of the path. And you, Maniko, are a master! "~
Tom Callanan, Program Director, Fetzer Institute


"I started out wondering if I were in the correct workshop… I didn’t sing, I didn’t meditate, I didn’t dance or move a whole lot, I didn't particularly like the idea of being in silence (I wanted sharing over a glass of wine every evening).
The Soul Sanctuary weekend brought me out of myeself; it brought me in front of myself; it brought me in front of others. It opened my heart in ways I am still grappling with. It was a space where I could be both vulnerable and strong. I spoke and I listened...to others and myself. It was a weekend about love. I went back for more 3 months later. And I'm about to do it again!" ~
George DeAlth, Artisan, Furniture Maker & Father 


"The Singing Sangha with Maniko was like stepping onto a bullet train that led directly to the center of my heart. What followed in exploring this territory was an experience of total immersion in a sea of timeless unconditional love, joy and a connection. Through the vehicles of meditation, devotional singing and Essential Soul Constellation in this sangha, I was carried into the discovery of my own uniqueness of person and voice in song.
Maniko created and held the space for the group with brilliantly precise insight and a deeply loving grace that brought each person forward more fully into themselves, each in their own unique way. The expansive quality of our sangha grew exponentially with each successive meeting. Maniko's ability to hone in on the places that needed healing in each person is extraordinary. It was incredibly moving to witness.
For myself, years of stress and blocks around singing & performance-related issues were radically transformed. This unburdening freed up a tremendous amount of energy that I am happily utilizing in all areas of my  life." -

Sarah Kennon, Artist, Designer, Business Consultant


Very Dear Maniko-
Just wanted to take a moment to express my love, admiration, and appreciation for the work we do in our Singing Sangha. 
Your generous commitment to soul is such an example I aspire to.  Bless you, bless you. This blossoming of remembrance means everything to me, Maniko.  I am deeply grateful.  Thank you your devotion to love in all of its mischievous expressions.   I am deeply touched by your seeing me (and all of our Sangha members) so clearly.  I love you with a heart that's remembering wholeness,
Yasha Carus – Psychotherapist, Healing Ritual Artist

PS- I am Post-gathering drama free! I'm at peace with "my" shining. still cooking in me.  I'm feeling really blessed that I stayed, and allowed in the richness of our sangha and the depths of our offering.   What great medicine!


Dear Maniko,

 I was at  your Kalamazoo "Soul Sanctuary" weekend. I wanted to say to you again... THANK YOU!  I've had many healing experiences for which I am thankful, bringing me more and more alive in my conscious responding to the Holy... but what happened with you that weekend was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had.  Maybe I was just ready, but...  Ah!... so amazing and healing, truthful and freeing, joyfully beginning to get to know my Soul again through dance and song and art and the healing presence of others, and your sensitive, spunky, compassionate, wise guidance!  Thank you...  The joy of facing and integrating the scattered (often frightened) parts of myself has been a continuing (and amazing) journey this winter.  (O, the healing, truthful, and empowering dreams!  Invitation upon deeper invitation to live courageously, to be loved, to claim with courage who I really am in this Love, despite the woundings of this weary, but beautiful and holy world!  Wow!  For the first time in my life with newly alive joy I am singing, "I celebrate myself, singing the world alive...!")  Okay. I'll control my enthusiasm before I go on for pages and pages!  But... thank you for saying 'yes' to your "Call" that touches so many.  I spontaneously smile with thanks when I think of you. Peace to you in this rich, numinous season of darkness and dreams, renewal and wonder. ~
Marcia Smith-Wood, Pastor & Counselor  

Thanks so much Maniko ~The whole thing was/is awesome, our Singing Sangha. Thank you for your wonderful and skillful guidance and presence. What a gift you are! –
Anudeva Stevens, pharmacist, meditation facilitator, singer-songwriter

Dear Maniko,
Thank you for a truly amazing weekend.  You are so capable, so present and so beautiful.  You cast a wide container and I felt permission to go however far I wanted to go.  I felt very loved by you and felt the most trusting I've ever felt with a group.  This amazing group process helped me to trust my own process also.   
Things are moving for me.  I was able to take charge of my classes when the teacher was out ill on Wednesday.  He told the substitute to let me run the classes and the kids listened to me! That floored me.  And I would love to do some private voice work with you, Maniko, to keep the channels open! Thank you so.
-  Lillian Tereszkiewicz, Teacher, Artist

This weekend was one of the most meaningful and deep experiences I have had at a workshop.  The combination of meditation, movement, voice and reflection were the perfect blend for me to open to a part of myself that is magical.  It has motivated me to continue the sitting, walking and moving meditation as a group, which is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I was also very pleasantly surprised to find how much I enjoyed the weekend with silence, and was amazed at how close I grew to people even though we didn't spend much time conversing.  In my silence, I enjoyed every bite of my meal, I kept my energy circling around me rather than blatting out to everyone else and I cherished the time I had to be with my thoughts and enjoy silence. 
Julie Sharp, Mother & Transformational Artist

Maniko is an exceptional being with rare clarity.  She is wonderfully juicy, incredibly alive! I see her twice a month for Voice and Self-Expression coaching and I have participated in several of her workshops. Truth is, she is really a healer of impeccable integrity, AND an amazing coach for creativity, voice and self-expression, as well. I've been doing wonderful soul inspired work with her since March and I credit her with bringing forth my very deeply buried and most beloved treasure, my holy heart.  
Donna C. – Crisis Counsellor

What I found most useful and rich about the weekend with Maniko was the dance of going deeply within during the practices of meditation and then coming back out and being intimately with others during the periods of dancing and sharing as a group.  What it made me realize is the awkwardness I sometimes feel in transitioning between these two aspects of life and the difficulty I can feel in translating one world into the other world (i.e., my "inner world" and my experience being with others in the "outer world").  I have felt more ease with this as a result of the workshop.  Also, I found Maniko to be extremely skillful in her facilitation of the workshop!
Karen Horneffer – Director, Holistic Health Care Program at Western Michigan University

"Maniko'a Soul Sanctuary workshops have brought me in touch with such an incredibly grounded and balanced heart opening. The learning is so holistic and real that it’s allowed me to integrate the experience of Truth into my daily life.  I couldn't wish for more." ~
Pam D. Michigan, Movement & Meditation Instructor

Thank you for this weekend; the quality of my teaching voice was so pleasure-full on Monday night when teaching my class.  I had so much more awareness of the entire environment. I am looking forward to private sessions with you. ~
Stacey Dreizler. physical therapist, movement facilitator

“Maniko is a truly gifted facilitator. My creative life has come alive since working with her and is enriching every aspect of my world.”
Clare Wood, Psychotherapist, San Rafael CA

Thank you so much , my heart is still so open, my soul keeps singing and my feet are always dancing...I went into a new part of Folsom prison Monday night and met a new group of men to start a new program....it just flowed and opened and I was so happy as were they for the opportunity arising in front of us...all week my work seems to be coming from a new place...thank you.
Here is my Poem/Prayer from this weekends retreat:

I am my body
Mourning, yearning, dancing
I am my heart
Mourning, yearning, singing
I am by soul
Mourning, yearning, praying
I am my spirit
Guiding my walk over treacherous waters

I am my prayer
That my heart,
    God's heart,
    our heart
Will shatter, shatter, shatter
Shards of love piercing, piercing, piercing
Piercing all the mourning
Piercing all the despair
Piercing all the hopelessness
Piercing all the vengeful

Piercing love
Shattering love
Becoming love.

Yours in the flow,
Judy Tretheway, Pastor & Counsellor, California Corrections Facilities


Beloved Maniko, 
It's been six years ago now, since I came to work with you believing that I could not sing. I came with a shaky but true readiness to face one of my worst fears, to sing in front of others.  I can sing now! After 50 years of thinking I can't, it feels like a miracle.  I remember the first song you taught me, "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine," the perfect song for me.  Since then you've helped me to give shape, rhythm and melody to my own songs which I have lived, growing into each of them as part of my path, as lights on my path.  You've helped me to come closer to Osho.  
Thank you for your loving, patient guidance, allowing me to re-enter difficult places that have taken away my voice and my true authority.  It has been quite a compassion practice and an incredible healing.  Part of the miracle is that it's all right to risk opening my mouth, my voice, all right if I don't get it perfectly the first time!  You made it possible through your presence and your own compassion, seeing the potential in me and in each of us in our groups,  I remember how much peace I felt from my experience in our Singing Sangha and the Soul Sanctuary just before my surgery for breast cancer, how carried I was by so much love.  Your devotion helps me to recognize the gift of all that is.  
Ya Jamil, grace and beauty, listening to my heart, divine friend, Maniko, I love you.   
P.S.  I want to say how much fun it's been as well!  You know how much I love to play. Connecting with this last All Soul's Daylong was very special:  "I am this child, the sun in my belly, the earth at my feet, hearts all over me!  Come play with me!"
Sahaba Marks, Elementary Teacher, Writer, Expressive Arts Facilitator

Dear Maniko, 
Thank you for the exquisite weekend.  I got so much out of being with you and know that it was a true privilege to be able to attend.  I understand more about myself because of my experience that weekend. Simply put, I long for the freedom to be me.  The pain of running into the blocks inside myself is evident and has been paralyzing in my life. 

I do want to hold the perspective that my sensitivity is a gift. Through dance and other physical activities I am learning how to ground myself without shutting off my connection to "the oneness". Thank you for recognizing this in me and calling it to my attention in such a clear way. Thank you from my heart for being an instrument on my path to greater peace.  You are a beautiful soul. ~
Phyllis Kunin (my Sufi name is Ruhiya)
OK, here's my poem: 

The pulse of my body is powerful, holy, present, my own.
An expression of the oneness. 

The song of my heart is ishq, the divine longing, my true being,
passionate, mournful, harmonic, resonant with the wind.
An expression of the oneness.

The mirror of my mind is a reflection of my true mind.
An expression of the oneness. 
The essence of my soul is spicy, woody, and rich.
An expression of the oneness. 

The light of my spirit is bright and wide - extending upwards and outwards.
An expression of the oneness. 

May the richness and healing of love overcome the density of fear and confusion.
May the richness and healing of love overcome the density of fear and confusion.

An expression of the oneness.

Beloved Maniko,
How to say anything about this Soul Sanctuary Retreat weekend? The sensation of falling together without effort and having it gently stay with me for these days since returning to the outer activities. Feeling the difference in myself, seeing others with more compassion, clarity, less distorted by my dramas.  Recognizing a fragility and need to nurture this gentle newness with a discipline sustained from gratitude.
The astounding constellations, unique and universal, with you dancing around and between, compassion seeing, facilitating movement. 
Words, spoken and in song, and in silence, bringing clarity when I can hear them and
deepening in their significance on and on.
Your helping me to move out of inertia, demonstrating the way out. 
The dance and music enhancing,  reflecting,  pointing,  releasing

"It's total devotion”

 each unique person respected

trusting     emptying


spontaneous initiation

…….unfreezing, the flow.

Maniko,    gratitude

   joyous laughter and love .....
 Martha  Urmila Chamberlin ~ General Motors Corp., Management

I am so happy here in Vancouver, in this Now, finally! Amazing. This Solstice, Soul Sanctuary has been a wonderful gift to my life!!! I am glowing with the love of darkness and light, and rejoicing in my longing. I feel so blessed to have been held in the gorgeous field that was manifested for us all by us all (especailly you Maniko) THANK YOU! 
Love, love love,
Chandra Krown – Dancer, Producer, Mother, Singer-Songwriter

Beloved Maniko
I bow down to that which guides your light Maniko. Thank you. There are no words to say what you have done for me. And from the depth of my struggle I have arisen with a very, very fierce energy. A powerful healing love. I know you know this, but I need to spell it out to you, for my own sake, again: What happened today in our Singing Sangha community offering was a major event in my life. Everything has come full circle, the resolution has happened, my past life metaphor has resolved in the most beautiful way.  I don't understand it all yet, but I know it is very, very deep.

…..one year later:
I am thinking of you and wanting to tell you, how much I feel that the work we did last year was a preparation for being able to move into my true calling in my new home on Maui. Everything I learned comes in handy now. This is a small community and to start out with good relations, and to celebrate and nurture relationships in an auspicious way is important, here, because there is nowhere to get away! This is it. I love applying what I learned, the aloneness and the wise togetherness. The songs are with me as guides and blessings, and the memories of the times with you are blossoming more and more, the seeds you planted in me sprouting into full blown flowers and trees and gardens. I can’t believe how much I changed with your help. I feel blessed. Life is so much easier without the old baggage I still carried and had not known how to let go of without your teaching. Thank you again for your wonderful, dedicated midwife skills. May many blessings shower onto you! I feel very grateful to you for the work we did…I am so much more loving and present in difficult situations with people . I bow to you in deep gratitude once again. You have given me so much. Every day I remind myself of the key things I learned from you, that are making my life so dramatically different, easier, more fun, more possible, more creative and connected. –
Hanna Hammerli, Polarity Therapist, Visual Artist, Trainer, Songwriter

Maniko - You have been such a loving guide
on my musical journey. Thank you.
Sarah Davis, Model, Mother, Singer-Songwriter 

Dearest Magical Maniko,
Ahhh… I dive into this well of words to pick and chose the ones that claim, hold and best carry the flavor and feelings and experiences that have stirred in me, through meeting you, discovering you and your skills... from my being welcomed, and entering, your vast temple of song... and just being in your presence... as you teach and guide me and others through the illusions that have limited some of us 'want-to-be'-free singers.

The truth is, your presence cracked my heart open in a such a fast split second there was no time for resistance in me.  By the time I had noticed, it was done.  Meeting you opened my view to a whole new world... and a whole new world opened up in me... for this alone, I have intense and deep gratitude.   

 "...every particle of my being is in love!"   

I have fallen deeper in love with life, my life, my self, and with everyone I see and know... because I am freer to love.  I am have been given DEVOTIONAL FREEDOM!  by participating in the Singing Sangha.  I have been gifted with permission to sing out with praise at any moment for the beauty, the joy, and the intensity of this life.   

One of the big surprises for me in the Singing Sangha was the gift of other peoples songs that rang so true to my own heart.  Now they too live in me and come to my ears at interesting times... clear as a bell, and I sing them when they come, so I rekindle that love and connection to the hearts and souls that share this resonance... WITH ME!   I AM NOT ALONE!!!!  And truly, deeply knowing this, is a huge gift! A secret spine tingling gift:  I am NOT apart from the rest!!!!  I AM HOME!

Once I had started to work with you everything began to change in ways I could not imagine were possible before.  Once I had made some significant progress in the direction of unfolding the issues that tied my voice in knots, things that were hard in my life began to shift as well.  A certain freedom of expression began to blossom, and a playful unfettered attitude about who I am began to delightfully emerge.  I began to effortlessly be who I have always dreamed of being, confident and at ease with how ever I am at any moment.  I have learned over the years to partially love myself. That is, I was great at loving the parts of myself I already liked.  I was not so accepting of the parts I did not care to have a part of me. In the Singing Sangha, I began to be with myself in a new way, and I found myself being at ease with the whole; my whole-self and the whole bigger picture.  I relaxed in my life as I was learning to relax my voice enough to let the song of my heart out.  My soul began to have free expression through song in front of others, as I was more able to do that so was I able to be/feel that in my life.

As I birthed my song, I passed through a vortex of energy that I thought I would never be able to navigate. With your gentle loving guidance, I made it through a portal that threatened to keep me confined forever. And when I collapsed in fear and my voice contracted to a sound I never want to make... and pathetic squeaky pained whimpery whine... I also discovered: I did not die from it (or feel humiliation about it)... and with the support of you and the group, I was able to make some sound, and find out that my voice was hiding behind a minute and a half of what felt like an eternity of hell with it. My singing (or making sound) carried me through the contracted small vortex to the other side where I no longer see it as a lifetime of pain cutting my self expression off at my neck... not letting me or anything by.  It is a habitual tendency... a somatic pattern that has been broken at least a dozen times since the first time in our sangha.  And once it was opened the first time by my using my voice... I KNEW I could access my voice: by using it and aiming beyond the pinched place to full rich sound.  All I had to do was make the sound and tolerate it not sounding to my liking for a bit before the tones and resonance helped heal the urge to contract.  The tones helped heal the contraction in my heart as well, by letting the pain in me out through sound.... which, just as in a composition, one movement opened the door and allowed for a new movement to happen. And so I have been experiencing huge movements of energy and sound and tons of incredible healing, and lots of love and community to support me on my path of healing.

In working with you, and witnessing your talents and skills and finesse in helping others find their songs, develop their songs; and your guiding them to sing truthfully from deep within, I have an infinite bow from me – from all – from lifetimes ago... to you and for the gift you offer us.  Reverence and bliss all tide into one sweet package.–
Erin Castelan, Visual Artist, Yoga Teacher & Body Therapist - And Now Singer Songwriter!

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